Monday, March 05, 2007

'My' E70 vs the N95

First I am back , Pakistani Govt finally let me access me blog's dashboard so let the good times begin

Steve Litchfield at

did a wonderful job doing a camera comparison of E70 , N95 and N93i ofcourse It was E70 which gave the finest pics wiothout autofocus now I thought about comparing the feautres on my E70 with the upcoming N95 ( mind you I don;t have any N95 in hand so I will use the specs sheet )

E 70 sports Symbian OS S60 9.1 3rd Edition while N95 has S60 9.2 3rd Edition with FP1 , ok no comparison here I wish someday Nokia will give us the update for E70 with FP1

Screen Resolution and Size
N95 240 X 320 2.1 " Diagonal
E70 352 X 416 2.6 " Diagonal

E70 beats N95 here although the screen size is a little smaller

Free Ram for running Applications

N95 20mb
E70 19mb

Not much difference


N95 5mp ( 2502 X 1944 ) Carl Zeiuss
E70 2mp (1600 X 1200 ) non auto focus

but still E70 beats N95 thanks Steve

Video Camera

N95 640 X 480
E70 352 X 288

Ok N95 beats E70 here


N95 Yes

E70 Yes


N95 Yes with front camera
E70 Yes without Front Camera

Here N95 beats E70


E70 Full QWERTY Keyboard excellent layout

Music Player

N95 Dedicated Music Keys
E70 Internal software

Cannot comment on sound quality , I like my E70's speaker


N95 Yes
E70 On my E70 yes a i-Trak Z1 Bluetooth GPS with data Logger purchased from Semsons USA delivered to Pakistan in only 6 days for USD 115 only including shipping

So hands on , in practical terms my E70 beats N95 in most categories so there is no point in purchasing a N95 for me when I have my E70 around , I may not think about a E90 but the formfactor and its size keeps me away

Keeping my blog open


N95 sports dedicated music buttons


Hasan Bazerbashi said...

Hey thanks for your review ... I was looking for such a comparison. I didn't know that you can hook the nokia E70 with GPS device! I will look for it more. And what I want to know if it is possible to make video calls or not??

Anonymous said...


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