Monday, March 05, 2007

My previous posts at Word Press : SMART 2 Go in Pakistan

My first impressions for Smart2Go are that it’s a nice software and very practical if I live in West but in Pakistan it’s not of much use unless I travel frequently out of Karachi . I downloaded Pakistan maps and tried running it , first it asked me for a GPS device which I don’t have ( I have just placed an order to Semsons for their i.Trek Z1 for USD 114.9 shipped to Pakistan with solar power batteries and 50,000 points data logger ) so i start the simulation , the best thing even if it does not have city maps for Pakistan S2G has airport to airport maps and the database is extensive covering the most obscure Airports in Pakistan so I tried the simulation from Karachi Airport to Hyderabad city with voice navigation and it gave turn by turn instructions- very neat . While searching through categories the nearest Cinema or mall it shows me is at Sulatante of Oman some 600 kms away from my city , I hope Nokia will someday upgrade the maps of KArachi and let us upgrade the maps ourselves to make it more uselful , Will post more once I get my GPS

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mansoor said...

nice! let us know when u find some software to do that in pakistan!

would love to have something like that.