Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Windows Mobile Live Beta

If not for Yahoo, microsoft has launched their Windows Mobile Live Beta and its open for everyone who has a web enabled phone and data plan , Its kind of neat , I can access my hotmail , use messenger , search Beta , go to MSN spaces , LOCAL , Fox sports , MSN .com Weather , Money etc all without installing any software , hmm sounds very much like mobile.yahoo.com

anyway , the address is mobile.live.com and I quote from their micorsoft connections description

What it is

Windows Live Messenger beta for your mobile devices is a fast, clean, and simple instant message service for your mobile device. The basic idea: it shouldn't be such a hassle to do mobile instant message. You should be able to see the interface clearly and use it easily.

What you can do with it and you will find

• Do the most common instant message functions simply and quickly on your mobile device
• View up to 5 active conversations on 1 WAP page and reply to all of them with 1 roundtrip.
• Emoticon support: Emoticons are displayed within display names and conversations
• Enable the user to change display name and status, can set status before sign in
• Find contacts more quickly and easily (by search, group filter, and/or hide offline contacts)
• Enable both a rich and light UI
• Integrate contact card, from where, user can email or call the contact directly
• Conversation with temporary contacts, and notification to add them to the contact list

Your participation is appreciated

1. Testing Scenarios

Each beta tester is required to complete the testing scenarios for this product. Click here for the detailed scenarios.

2. Please file bugs and suggestions

Besides using and playing with new product, we also ask you to report bugs and suggestions to improve this product for prime time use. Please click here to send your feedback including bugs and suggestions.

3. Join the newsgroups

The newsgroups are a great way for you to interact with the rest of the Windows Live Messenger beta community. With the newsgroups you can ask questions, share ideas and state your opinion. Many members of the Windows Live Messenger product team read the newsgroups on a regular basis.

To set up and use the newsgroups, simply click on the “Community” link on the left menu bar and follow the instructions..

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get it?

Open the Internet browser on your mobile phone
Access the address bar and type in: mobile.live.com
Select Windows Live Messenger beta
Follow the testing scenarios and start testing
What is a beta anyway?

Beta is geek speak for "not finished yet." A beta product is something we are still working on and invite regular users to test out. We're asking you to check out the Windows Live Messenger beta for mobile devices and let us know what you really think—good and bad. That way, we can make the final product the best it can be.

What kind of phone do I need to have to get Windows Live Messenger beta-mobile?

Is your phone Web-enabled, and does it have a color screen? Then it probably uses a browser that supports xHTML(WAP 2.x), cHTML (iMode), or HTML, and you'll be able to use Windows Live Messenger beta for mobile devices.

Does it cost anything?

We won't charge you anything, but your mobile wireless provider may charge you to access the Web on your mobile device.

The outlook ios nice with Emoticons etc all visible

solong still waiting for Yahoo Go SMs to arrive and I register their everyday

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Can you confirm that the E70 has not a strap holder?
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