Tuesday, January 16, 2007

5 Things about me

I've been tagged by the nice fellow at E-Series.org for 5 things about me so here I go

1) Who I am , I'm a 30 yr old playing different roles in my life , I'm a father and a son , an employer and employee , a husband and a brother , a teacher and student. Professionally I work as marketing head for a local pharmaceutical firm based in Karachi Pakistan covering their Pakistan , Far East and African operations. Education Wise I have a BBA from University of Michigan and a fan of Wolverines and Red Wings .

2) the Geek factor , I've been a geek as far as I remember , I 've never been good with numbers though getting a measly 20 out of 100 in my Calculus A levels exam but I love technology and work out new ways to make things work . My first computer was a blazingly fast for that time 8 MHZ Turbo Mode IBM AT on which I used to work on Word Star and Lotus , in 1993 , I got myself a super cool 386 running at 36 mhz , making everyone in my class envy of it except my best friend who had a 40 Mhz machine , the machine also had a 130mb Hard disk which my PC vendor told will last me a life time and 8 mb ram with Creative Sound Blaster , Infra XGA and Creative CD rom along with Epson LX 800 , on this machine I wrote my first GW Basic program for my O Levels Computer Science project a 1600 page document with 5000 lines of coding , than I moved to an Acer Pentium 120MHZ followed by a 333 Mhz 64 mb laptop powered by AMD processor , than a Compaq 750 Mhz presario laptop , than a HP Zt 1100 laptop 1.4ghz P IV M , than a Dell 5100 2.4 GHZ PIV Laptop , than an Acer 2700 series PiV at 3 Ghz , than nowadays running a Dell 6000 Inpiron at 1.6 GHZ Centrino and 1250 mb Ram soon to be replaced by a HP / Compaq DV series core 2 Duo laptop .

3) my first mobile was a non descript Ericsson which I got from Sprint USA followed by a Motorola Startec to a Nokia 3210 , to a Nokia 7710 ( MAtrix Edition ) to a motorola Vader to a Nokia 3310 than nokia 3330 to a Nokia 7650 to a Samsung with Auto Anteena to a couple of Ve Razrs to a Imate Pocket Pc still with me running my other SIm to a nokia E61 and Finally my current Nokia E70 and eying nokia N95 whenver it will be out

4) my passions are software , I cannot write them but I can run them from SPSS14 Adobe CS 2 , to Freehand 8 , to Windows Office 2007 , to Sketchup and Auto Cad 2006 , I have run them all . My other passion is cars now I cannot buy them all neither bootleg like my movies and software so I just look at them and be happy , currenlty I am driving a Honda Civic 2006 model ( old shape ) and a Land Cruiser Prado 2004 and love both of them

5) My inspirations are to obtain a PhD in Marketing for which I am pursuing some universities for their distant learning program lets see where it goes

Take Care



Vinod said...

Interesting to know about you. I am your neighbour in India.

Anonymous said...

On mine the theme is rather interesting. Give with you we will communicate in PM.