Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I hate to repeat myself but again I'm back

Yup , It's been a while , got stuck , cannot logon due to PTCL ban over that Torpark was not working either , I know you people missed me so letme get on with the good things the software on my E61 and E70

last week , i upgraded my collegues E61 to the latest version , it seemed faster and wifi connectivity also imporoved still it has the backlight not working problem don't know how to solve it

coming to stuff on my E70 , First I got myself the Sirroco Edition ringtones , maked my phone sound goos , secondly i got me Opera 8.somthing cracked yup for nothing thanks to , also got PeerBox for P2P downloads but its asking for money for ringtones and does not support Pakistan

For Series 60 v3 I also got Office Suite v 3.0 by mobile systems cracked its better than the generic excel and word nokia has given

Divx mobile has finally expired and no news for the new one

my mobizines is still not working

now coming to videos , last 2 days had been very hectic no its not the new year parties , we muslims had Eid ul Azha where we celebrate the tradition of Abraham's sacrifice by sacrificng cows , goats and camels , I have posted some vids on Youtube covering the glimpses of the city , how to cut a camel and how to cut a bull please see and leave your comments and rate , all movies are made using canon powershot 2 except bull 2 which made using my E70 , converted them to divx and uploaded them

here are the links

For Camel Sacrifice

For Bull sacrifice preprations

For Bull sacrifice

For Glimpses of the city


Keeping my fingers crossed and blog open ( whenever Torpark works )



Anonymous said...

Have you tried contacting ?

Anonymous said...

When the messiah was sacrificed, the ancient writings said that all other sacrifice would cease. This is pointless and misses the point of the prophectic drama of Abraham's sacrifice. Of course the angel stopped Abraham's hand. But, it was a propetic drama of how the messiah must be sacrificed to make atonement for Adam's sin.

By continuing to sacrifice it is as if the muslims are stating that Jesus death was worthless to them. However, the muslim faith teaches that the ancient writings are inspired and the Koran cannot contradict them. How do you reconcile this act then?