Friday, January 05, 2007

Day of the Updates mobizines , Fring and Goosync

Today I finally got my Mobizines working Mr. Kevin Cunnington Chief Technology Officer
Refresh Mobile also running Mobizines was very helpful and I got all my magazines running p.s Thanks anonymous for pursuading me to send email to mobizines help

also Mr. Marc Berry from Fring was very helpful in informing me about their upcoming Fring software which will be running on my E-70 quoting his email

Hi there and happy new year!

We’ve noticed that you’ve covered fring - the free mobile VoIP service - on your blog recently so thought you might like to be among the first to be informed about the new, improved fring service which is launching soon. It features:

Wider handset compatibility, adding Nokia N80, E61, N73, E60, N91, N92 and N93 handsets to the existing fring-friendly phones (Nokia 6630, 6680, 6681, 6682, N70, N72, N90)
WiFi connectivity with automatic handover configuration so you can use hotspots to make calls quickly and easily over wireless networks
Improved voice quality with reduced latency
Reduced battery consumption
Offline IM messages
Let me know if you’d like
some sneak preview screengrabs to better understand these enhancements.
Do stay in touch because we really appreciate your feedback on your experiences with fring.

Marc Berry
Mantra PR

now he just send me screen shots love the look can;t wait to try it
ooh I just got 512kbps installed at my place sweet connectivity over Wifi

Coming to more updates goosync has introduced pay features as mentioned below

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for using our free GooSync service and hope that it is serving you well. As a leading mobile synchronization specialist we not only feel that the GooSync service is a vital tool for Google Calendar we also feel that this kind of service should remain FREE.

We have received overwhelming feedback in regards to the service and the new features that many of you would like to see in future releases. A number of these features have already been added and you have been enjoying them for some time now. In case you missed the last release notes we recently added:

- Google authentication proxy, bypassing the need to disclose your Google login details

- Recurring event support.

There are still however a number of very popular suggestions that have not yet been added such as Multiple calendar sync, Attendee sync, Configurable date range etc. These and many other feature requests unfortunately are too time consuming and costly to develop and support for the FREE GooSync service.

It seems however that many of you just can't seem to live without some of these advanced features and we happen to think they would be pretty cool too. We are therefore developing an advanced GooSync subscription service with plenty of these higher level features most of you continue to demand. This new subscription service will in no way affect the FREE account you may now depend on. The core sync features will continue to be supported and added to the FREE account as the service evolves. For those of you who require it there is now an upgrade account option to access and use the new advanced GooSync features.

SPECIAL EARLY BIRD OFFER: Optional Account Upgrade to Access Advanced Features

Upgrade your account NOW and only pay £9.95 (approx US$18.00) for a 12 MONTH Subscription, the only way to take advantage of this promotional offer is to login to your GooSync account and upgrade on-line, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Initial features for the subscription service include:

Configurable Date Range
Multi Calendar*
Private Events*
Additional Sync Modes*
Full access to sync logs

Please note all features marked * will be added during January 2007

Additional GooSync "Auto Configuration Credits" Also Available!

Please note as a free user you are able to automatically configure your mobile device via SMS, typically you will only have to do this once. For device changes or errors a total of 3 "Auto Configuration Credits" are included with your FREE account. Please note however for those of you who require additional credits these can now be purchased from within your on-line GooSync account.

Please note the "special early bird" offer above will also include an additional 10 credits free of charge.

GooSync's FREE account will remain FREE!
As mentioned above the new subscription based service will in no way interfere with the FREE service you are currently using nor will it effect others from subscribing to this free service. It is our intention to continue to develop and support this service for as long as people continue to use it.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions or queries you may have.

Thank you,

Kindest Regards,

The GooSync Team

Toffa International Limited
Technology Centre
Wolverhampton Science Park
WV10 9RU
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1902 650025
Fax: +44 (0) 1902 650552

so anyone into purchasing software


Have to leave now and read see more articles on my Mobizines , await and dream on for Frings and incorporate Goo Sync in my daily routine

Take care

As always keeping my blog open and fingers crosses


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