Monday, December 25, 2006

I'm back

It seems like I posted my last post eons ago , well I had been busy , some new product launches and in the meanwhile not much was introduced for the E70 and I was feeling lazy to go through Torpark to blog , today is 25th of December , while the whole world has Christmas holiday , we have Founder of the NAtion Quaid-e-Azam 's birthday , killing 2 birds with one stone , Christams with the birthday .

The city is closed today so I am planning to go to Arabian Sea Country Club with the family , will be a fun drive and I can play some golf with my kids

coming to E 61 / e70 , I have been hearing about E61i , damn they have to release it now after I have my E70 and dumped the E61 on my collegue , in other new E series is the only phone in Pakistan whose value has appreciated yes they are becoming more expesnive I think its due to marketing by Mobilink that E series can work on their Blackberry service , I got my E61 for around Rs. 17000 and now its RS 23000 , got my E70 for 22000 and now its 27000 around $ 85 increase in both phones .

the softwares I have added since my last post are

Pico Blogger , now available for Series 60 , haven't tried it will run it today

Mobizines 4.1 which is still not updating on my phone

Tried to get me a bluetooth GPS from Malaysia but my ollegue told me it was MR 999 so had to drop the idea but have Wayfinde rinstalled . not much in the way of games , I am not getting enough time to install games on the phone

Now coming to the hottest event of the year , Nokia New Year Party

at Nokia is offering some freebied such as Wallpapers tones and animations so get them before the party starts

I will not be attneding the part , yup , next day is Baqr Eid and I will be busy cutting goats , will post pic and vids of events later

solong will post soon about newer updates

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