Sunday, October 01, 2006

Plans for tomorrow

Tomorrow is Sunday and due to Ramadan , the shops will close on Friday and open on Sunday so tomorrow I will go to Saddar the main mobile market in Karachi and will see what goodies I can find for my E 61 , the things on my list are a silicon pouch , a cheap pop port audio converter which i can stick withmy Z-Cyber FM Transmitter to listen to my music on my car radio . a plastic cover if a good one is available and mobile bodies ( color kits as sold on Ebay )

Pakistan as i said before is a mobile haven , it has one of the fastest rate of mobile growth in the world ,even I carry 4 mobile connections with me , ( Mobilink for my office use and unlimited GPRS , Warid for unlimited SMS and MMS , Telenor - DJUICE for EDGE @ USD 0.25 per mb and Ufone for emergencies ) a new prepaid connection costs only USD 1.6 ( one dollar sixty cents ) readily available at every corner of the city , unlimited MMS and SMS on Warid is for only 8 cents per day or 2.5 USD per month , per minute rates vary from 1 cent to 2 cents per minute ( nationwide ) highest going upto 10 cents per minute depending upon package plan and UK USA CANADA costs only 5 cents per min

Will update about my shopping spree tomorrow

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E-series said...

Please post some pictures from your shopping spree ;-)