Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Shopping" Spree

Today had been a tiring day , first my son ( 4 yr old ) woke me up at 6:30 am ( i slept at 6:am after my morning prayers ) and was after me to take him swimming it took a lot of persuasion from my side to change his mind and later he , I and my father went to buy some plants for our garden . After afternnon prayers I took off for Saddar , the main mobile market in Karachi . It was around 40 degree Celsius about 104 degree F , so the streets were empty , even the market was half open , but the main area and main vendors were open . I roamed around a little and asked around for E61 accessories . Let me tell you its the least popular mobile in the market , everyone after hearing the name said ou wish something to come for this "monsterosity " . anyhow i got me a POp port audio converter for my Sony CD 30 head phones ( bought in 1996 from Best Buy Westland Michigan ) as you can see in the pic it fits perfectly and that is the only perfect thing about it , the sound quality is trash a waste of Rs 200 or USD 3.00 . I also got another screen protecter and sync cable for my Imate Pocket Pc ( USD 8 only ) . In all due to Imate cable it was a fruitful visit will go there again next Friday when all the market will be open .
Coming to pix these are different snaps of the mobile market , all those people standing outside T.M. Electronics ( Sony Erecssion ) board are getting their mobile software upgraded ( USD 1-3 only ), or getting ringtone ( 6 for USD 1) getting Videos ( prices vary max to USD 2 ) or getting wallpapers or themes , In Karachi this is like a cottage industry , youngsters have opened mobile kisoks with an old P3 or P4 Dell ( only USD 300 for complete system ) and have softwares for almost all the mobile phones including flashing software and its a growing industry .
In other pics as you can see almost all shops display something of a mobile company hoarding on them . In other pic Uphone is selling SMS as low as 12 Paisa or 2 cents each followed by my pics of my mobile phone with the audio accesory and the pack of screen protector .
Its getting late 23:54 I have to be up at 4:30 for my breakfast so I can fast from 5 am tpo 6:30 pm , will post more tomorrow
Take Care

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