Sunday, October 01, 2006

Big Bro E70

Today i finally found E70 for sale in Karachi , it has been 3 weeks since i bought my E 61 for USD 280 ( United Mobiles Warranty the authroized Nokia Agent in Pakistan ) else the phone was also available with Advance Telecom for USD 250 but warranty is shaky , I got my Nokia 6630 from Advance and it had a TIM ( Telecom Italia ) mobile logo and was totally worthless . Anyway I didn't got the E 70 , firstly its costing USD 390 which is a princely sum to pay only for a Camera addition ok for higher resolution screen too , I almost made up my mind to sell my E 61 to my bro ( will get USD 230 for it ) and will get the E 70 but as soon I found its from Advance Telecom I walked away .

E series is not very popular in Pakistan , here people like flashy phones , they are status symbols , you are known by which phone you carry and which car you drive and with the current phone snatching incidents ( 100 plus reported to police every day which some say is only 10 % ) I think I stick my E 61 for a while or till the price if E 70 drops below 300 due to lack of demand .

P.S today our government with other mobile carriers ( Mobilink part of Orascom Egypt , U Fone state owned by PTCL which in turn is owned by Etisalat Dubai , Warid owned by WAteen Telecom AbuDhabi , Telenor a subsidy of Telenor Norway and Paktel of Mobile and Wireless UK ) have agreed on IMEI blocking on snatched phones lets see what happens in tomorrow's news paper

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