Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My tech gear for Hajj

One more day and I'm leaving for Hajj pilgrimage , not taking much tech gear with me as mostly I'll be involved in prayers still I'll be taking my newest acquisition Nokia N95 8gb , a Imation 1gb USB contaning backup of all my papers and credit cards and locked by security code . That's it this time I'm travelling light but on the software side I'm travelling heavy .

My N95 is now loaded with Nokia Maps complete with saudi Arabia maps , Nokia Sports Tracker for others to track my movements , Shozu to upload my photos instantly to Flickr , if I ever take them

things are looking bright

Prayingly Farhan


Mark Jambas said...

Hey there,
Have fun on your trip! Nice idea to pack ShoZu so everyone can see what you're up to ;-)


The ShoZu Blog

Anonymous said...

Hi Farhan,

would be interesting to hear from you what is ongoing in Pakistan.
Somehow I follow you for a while and see some similar geek lust as me and would really appreciate your thoughts on that.
Maybe it is to dangerous for you to make that public.