Thursday, November 22, 2007

N95 8gb bringing Sexy Back

A couple of days ago I bit the golden bullet and bought a N95 8gb my first impressions are as follows

My first thought when I got the box Why ? Am I worthy of this phone , will I be able to utilize it's full potential , will it give me the joy and pleasure I anticipate it will give me will it be able to replace my previous joy the N73 , and then I made up my mind and ripped its coverings off revealing the what's hiding behind the covers

My first view of was like having ice cream for the first time , like having Dove / Galaxy Chocolate melting in the mouth , spoon of hot kheer / rice pudding , I was entranced by its beauty and whipped out my E 70 and took pics of it

Slowly I removed the top transparent cover and held it in hand , the black beauty , shined like a jewel , the curves and beauty was pure piece of art slowly I lifted it and further explored what's inside and almost shreiked with delight , it was the height of ecstacy , a Tv adapter was there I was in Geeky heaven the best of all the worlds

Carefully I inserterd my SIM in the phone , inserted the battery put on the cover and press the power button and 20 sec later it was asking my home town and setting the current date .

Then it turned on , Ohh the blackness the sweet black theme with flowing lines I was drooling over it I pressed it's buttons and it revelled all its secrets to me and there I fainted what no movie , nokia Middle East to America is giving free Spiderman 3 movie and Nokia India is giving Sholey what about Nokia Pakistan no movie in my phone not even Punjabi Son of Jut , well I relaxed . All is worth it , the beauty is in my hand , I own it , it will work on my command , I'm the master of this piece of art and I did with it what I know I'm good at i.e Installed a lot of software . It responded to all my probing , the inclinometer worked , the balls moved in movig ball game , it even showed my house on google maps and coordinates on Nokia Map .

and after two days today nokia gave me twin joy , a firmware upgrade from 10.0.021 to 11.0.026 a whole version up , and updated Sports Tracker software which can show my location in realtime on the net .

not everything is sexy and sleek , I miss the long endurance battery of N73 which could handle my demands , in N95 half a day is what the battery gives if Wifi , bluetooth and GPS are on , hey I'm a power user .

Right now the unit is on software update let's see what the future beholds

Brining the Sexy back



MystaKool said...

Hey Farhan, was great seeing you at KBM... though I must say, I don't quite fancy the N95, but will let you be in the geek heaven, as you so proudly are :)

Have a good time...

Farhan said...

Interesting you came to my old blog , I've moved from N95 8gb to E71

Achyut said...

Great writup Frahan. Keep goin...

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