Wednesday, June 20, 2007

the other side of China

Yesterday I went to the New Shanghai Exhibition Center for the fair , the place well managed nice , almost twice the size of Karachi of Expo Center but again two Exhibitons were going on there . The whole day was spent meeting the clients and in the evening I had an awsome Punjabi Dinner with unlimited coke for RMB 68 ( the place was a minute's walk from my hotel ) . After dinner I left for Nanjing road and on the way I experienced the other China , While on one side of the road there was a 25 storey high rise with Spilt Ac on every wall , right next to the road one can see two storey shabby dewellings with people sleeping on bunk beds and with windows open for ventilation , even the lighting inside was not enough but the building in front was lit like a marriage hall . On Nanjing , it feels like I'm walking around Broadway , awsome lights ( see my flickr ) the best place for shooping if you have the dough , a nine west purse which usually costs around 200 DHM in Dubai was for around 1200 RMB there alomost 4 times the price , Hagen Daz for two costed RMB 120 ( Rs 8 per RMB ) here too the other China was prominent , on every step one was surrounded by pimps selling everything from mont blanc pens , DVDs , watches to massages , a few beggers were also there but the security was tight so no mishap could happen , reached hotel at 11 pm , and now it's 7 am the hotel net is working so I'm uploading my pics and sharing my exprience with you all

Taking my leave for today


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Ahmed Bhaila said...

nice post, Have you had any interaction with the common people there. Do they recognize you as Pakistani,Indian? what about your chinese language skills a few words could help :) I learned a few phrases in my urdu class though

nee hao -> how are you
chai chin -> will meet later/soon
shae shae -> thank you

courtesy of some Patras Bukhari article I read in one of my urdu classes