Friday, June 22, 2007

China Experiences

It's been almost a week I've been in China and I've learnt a lot from them . First Chinese are humble , I've seen two cars in an accident with both the drivers calmly discussing , I've met many people in the exhibition and they were very even when they know I'll not be having any business with them . On the other hand , Chinese do not put all their eggs in one basket , While disucssing if they infomred me that they are already working with someone in Pakistan , they also made clear we have agreed to supply them the following products , others well we are open .

Bargain is the game in China , whether it be high tech machinery , costly materials or byuing stuff at Lyn Garden . I've bought necklaces for RMB 5 ( Rs 40 ) while the quoted price was 50 , toys for 10 RMB from 200 RMB but China is not cheap as the common assumption is back home , a nine West purse cost Rs 8000 while the same is available in Dubai for Rs 4000 , Dunhill / Boss Shirts Rs. 20,000 ( original from store ) street price ranges between couple of 100 Rs. I'm not into fake stuff so not interested in imitation Rolex .

Coming to cell phones , at Carrefour I saw imitations of almost all nokia models at the same price as the original cost in Pakistan , my 160 RMB Sim card quickly ran out of money and had to recharge it with another 100 RMb , there again people were intrested in my E70 , according to them it's only in HOng kong , one guy even took it from me to show it to his girl friend , he was buying her N95 or E61 , lucky gal ;) ,

my GPS was not working in Pudong i think it's due to the high rises but when I moved into City , yup changed hotel 1400 RMb all inclusive , they even wash my clothes and iron them but take 24 hrs . here my GPs is running but today its very hazy could be clouds or pollution so no GPS signal although my room is on the 25th floor .

to give me the better rate , the hotel sales person put me as a Pakistan Navy Personell , they have special rates for them else the rate for my room ws 2400 RMb .

Food is alright , I get to eat Partha in the morning with butter . Will post its pics in a while

have to leave now its 2:15 pm and in 30 min I've another appointment till them I'll b eating my mom's cooked Qeema with Parathas I took from the breakfast :)

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DihaZ said...

I like the way you write and I enjoy very much reading your blogs. Look forward to more readings :)