Saturday, June 02, 2007

I'm going on a Trip

Next week I'm leaving for 15 days on a business trip to China , the trip will involve travel to Shanghai , Beijing , Guangdong and Harbin almost whole of China's East Coast from Hongkong border to Russian Border .
Ofcourse for the trip I've setup my tech gear inclusive of my E70 or N73 have to make a choice between Wifi of E70 and Pic Quality of N73 , my trusty bluetooth GPS and logger , my Canon powershot A620 ( it crossed the 10,000 pic mark this week ), my Tissot T-Touch with its Temp , Chrono , Compass and Alarm Functions and my mighter then a sword Cross Tech 3 loaded with Black and Red refills and mechanical pencil

I'm working on getting Information about China mobile GPRS / EDGe rates if they are nominal I'll take my N73 as I cannot carry my bulky Powershot every where

On the software side I'm loading my phones with nokia sports tracker for use with data logging on GPS , Mapking maps for ?Beijing and Shanghai , nokia maps for China , Locr for photos GPS EXIF data , Office Suite for word and Excel files , some music , Symot GPs Tracker so that family can see where I am on the net ,Gmail mobile for checking email on the go for now this is the list , will update it later


ftg said...

im based in shanghai, i run a google news group about china mobile. please find website here.

20 rmb a month on payg gets you 50mb of data, if you ask for it as soon as you get your card they will add it for you for free. otherwise the fees are a little higher. i run my e61 for the last year push email server in canada via this mobile.

(one thing, a mobile card from beijing can only be topped up with cards from beijing) same with shanghai. a bit complex and stupid. but heh beats paying roaming.

my google group.

Farhan said...

Thankyou FTG for the valuable information - so it's RMB 20 for 50mb per month or RMB 100 for 800 mb per month but can i use the same connection I have in Shanghai at Zhuhai , Harbin or Beijing or I have to get 4 different connections . Also how much a SIM Card costs . WIFI is very steep at RMb 0.2 per min , I only need net to check my email on regular basis through Gmail Mobile and it does not use heavy traffic .