Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Tale of Photo with GPS data

Last week I had been busy with next year targets and other stuff so was not able to write much but it didn't stopped me from trying out new applications just to refresh myself a little yup I'm a tech junkie and latest applications are my all time high .
Coming to new discoveries , I mainly focused on use of my Bt GPS device and discovered a number of applications which incoportate GPS information into EXIF data of photos for location based placement .

My first trial was with LOCR - Locate your Photos an excellent software with both phone base and Desktop base interface , this application connects to the GPs on startup and when a photo is taken through its own Camera Application it adds GPs coordinates to it and even uplods it to its own server . no hangups like I experienced with Shozu and not even heavy on phone memory. The desktop application can also be used to download travel log data from the GPS and match the location with the pictures imported into the application , It also uplods the pics to their server or add GPs coordinates to EXIF data for Flicker maps etc . Btw the application and hosting are all FREE - there are no photos in it for Pakistan ( except 2 of KArachi which I uploded as trial ) and the nearest location it shows me for Karachi is some 497 miles away in middle of Arabian Sea

My Second trial which I will run is ZURFER by Yahoo Research Berkley The application works like their Zone Tag and incorporates ZoneTag technogolgy and makes use of the Flickr account I am in the process of downloading the software will post my experiences later
EDIT : Zurfer is only location based photo Surfer no GPS data is uploaded

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Mor said...

Did you check out ZoneTag? We could get you a 3rd edition version pretty soon... see here.