Saturday, May 19, 2007

World's First E90 sold for Charity

Communicator Community of Indonesia had an auction for the World's First E90 to be sold in collaboration with Nokia , the amount to be given to charity and Mr. Hartono Gunawan has the honor to be the proud owner of world's first E90 Communicator and the amount he paid for the honor a mere USD 5000 / Indonesian Rp45,000,000 / or Pak Rs. 300,000 only not bad considering the fact in Pakistan the first N95 went for Rs 100,000 or USD 1700 and now they cost only Rs 45,000 or USD 750 and less and for here no charity no donation all went in the pocket of the importer .

Saving for E90 ( I will not pay more than Rs 30,000 / USd 500 for the privilage )


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