Monday, April 09, 2007

SWF2Go Professional

Orison Technologies ( Meaning Prayer ) is a Karachi- Pakistan based company which specializes in Web Design, RIAs and Mobile Application Development. They have recently introduced SWF2GO Professional to package and distribute Adobe Flash Lite Applications to a wide range of Mobile Devices . This software promises to tranform the way Adobe Flash Lite developers package and distribute the content .
"SWF2Go Professional adds RAD (Rapid Application Development) to the Flash Lite mobile application development process" said Sohail Iqbal, Chief Software Architect at Orison Technologies. "With SWF2Go Professional, developers will be able to make professional distribution packages for all editions of S60 Platform".
Unlike other products, the SWF2Go Professional enable Flash Lite developers to create SIS Installer and SWF Launcher icon for all editions of S60 Platform including S60 1st Edition, 2nd Edition and 3rd Edition. The output SWF Launcher features Intelli-Launch technology which allows to run multiple Flash Lite applications simultaneously and automatic Flash Lite Player detection.Additionally, SWF2Go Professional offers Command Line compiler to support automated build tasks and processes. XML based SWF2Go project files can be created or modified programmatically for automatic SIS making. SWF2Go Professional is the most comprehensive solution available today for Adobe Flash Lite developers. To learn more, please visit the product website at

the software is available from their website at USD 69.95 for license for 1 PC

so developers out there give it a try see what wonders this software can do for you and bring out some new and nifty application for the symbian platform .

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