Saturday, April 07, 2007

Nokia n95 price drop in Pakistan

A couple of days ago I posted availibility of N95 in Pakistan at Rs 78000 and today it has hit the below USd 1000 figure at Rs 59,000 , still waiting for it to go below and it will hopefully



chall3ng3r said...

yea, this is interesting...

btw, i'm Faisal, aka chall3ng3r. from Khi, PK.

i'm glad to see someone from same location interested in techs of mobile stuff :)

// chall3ng3r //

ozair khan said...

well thats intresting coz i thought i would be like 45000 max, india on the other hand has it on 34000, big difference, so india leads as always. if any other price drop plz let me know thanx
also any retailer sellling it cheap plz and thnkyou let me know, i lived in mardan , near peshawar but living in canada now,