Thursday, April 26, 2007

Maps maps get your maps

yup no matter where you live in Karachi Pakistan like me or in Sahara Desert , if you can see your house on Google Earth you can make yourself a map and that's what I did got myself a working map of Karachi working with my BT GPS system

The step by step guide is

Install SmartComGPS on the Nokia E70 ( available from )

open Google Earth and find your house and the satellite distance you want to use and copy the image .

Convert the JPg to Bitmap

Get OZI Explorer Trial and import image into it

mark two points with GPS data on the image and save the file

Use SmartComOGF2 converter to convert image into map and copy the details to smartcomgps folder in main memory of your E70

Start smartcom , connect it to your GPs and start using it

The only problem I faced was that I didn't callibrated my map correctly so I was getting the wrong location

another problem do not make a big file as the image will cover around 200 kbs and given the out of memory syndrom of Nokia its better to make multiple maps as per the location like I have one for P.E.C.H.S , one for clifton area and one for North Karachi

Hope you will find it as easy like I did



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