Thursday, April 26, 2007

Good IDea Bad Idea

Good Idea : using Ubuntu instead of Windows
Bad Idea : Installing Ubuntu on XP and loosing the XP Os files and neither Os works
Good Idea : Using Ubuntu Livecd to access the files on laptop
Bad IDea : not copying all the pics of kids and again try to install ubuntu on the main partitoin
Worst IDea : Loosing everything after deleting all the partitiotns
good IDea : Install Ubuntu from scratch
?Bad Idea : trying to install XP on Ubuntu
Worst Idea : Reinstalling XP from scratch and again trying to install Ubuntu again

Finally I gave up and stuck with XP



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Abdussamad Abdurrazzaq said...

The correct way is to use qtparted, gtparted (probably included on the ubuntu cd) or partition magic to re-partition your hard disk, then install ubuntu onto just those partitions and setup grub (or lilo) to allow you to choose between xp and linux at boot up. Ubuntu or any other linux distro will happily dual boot with win xp. Can be complicated for Linux newbs.