Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Home Made Car Kit for Nokia

Yesterday I was cleaning out my car's glove compartment and found a long forgotten gadget of mine , the Z-Cyber Fm Transmitter which I use to use for playing music from my Nokia phone and XDA Mp3 player on my car stereo , and then an idea hit me . I recently got my Nokia 5500 back after repairs from Nokia dealer and it had a complementery AD-45 audio adapter which I use with my 11 year old Sony Md-50 Stereo Headsets to listen to music while working an idea came into my mind , why not try it to stream audio to my car stereo and also use it as a hands free hence the preprations Requirements : One Nokia Phone , One Z-Cyber or anyother FM Transmiter , One Ad-45 Audio Adapter ( it has builtin mic and connect / disconnect buttons ) and two rubber bands and ofcourse a car with fm radio Procedure : connect the audio adapter to your phone and Fm Transmitter and set up the frequency on your radio than with the rubber band attach the phone and trnasmitter over your sun viser with the mic part hanging down , now you are all set to use the home made car kit . Give it a try see the pics and video and send me what you think



Ghaus said...

Hey man...nice blog. Do you have a E61i mobile phone from nokia. I was guessing how it's screen would be, because it is matrix display, which has small tiny stupid dots. By the way dont get happy for E65, E61i is better. E65 battery is weaker than E61i battery.

Ghaus Iftikhar said...

Which Mobile do you have now ? Tell me about the E61i yaar. Do you have this mobile ? I want to see the screen quality.

Farhan said...

currenlty I'm using a E70 and Nokia 5500 , used to have E61 but gave it to my collegue due to lack of Camera , my next phone Inshallah will be a nokia E90