Friday, April 13, 2007

Call to cause hemmorrhage

There is a SMS in circulated in Pakistan ,

Please do not receive any call from a number 0091924319 and 03043661999 . Geo ( the local news channel ) has confirmed that it may cause death . As its frequency has been arranged .

the person who sent me claims , the call generates a frequency which can cause brain hemorrhage

UPDATE : Just received another version of the SMS

In Lahore there is a news in the market and has been confirmed by a telecom officer that if you receive any unknown call having 12 digit number and having 0099 in that . DOn't pickup that call because approx 20 ppl have been killed due to this , some kind of 'rays' come out that damages brain and cause death . This is not a joke tell as many people as you can .

Another Update : Late evening all the news channels were carrying this news as the SMs to be a hoax , can't anyone make an educated guess how can one be killed by receving the call , the people here are so gulliable that even Reuters reported it and I quote

Deadly virus phone threat causes Pakistan panic
Fri Apr 13, 2007 3:21PM BST
KARACHI (Reuters) - Mobile service providers in Pakistan have been inundated by calls from subscribers worried by a prank message that they could die of a deadly virus being transmitted via their phones.

The rumour was so effective that some mosques in the country's biggest city, Karachi, made announcements that people were being killed by a mobile virus and they should be aware of God's wrath.

In a prank reminiscent of the plot in the hit Hollywood movie "The Ring" in which people die within a week after watching a video, the prankster warned users that a deadly virus transmitted through phones had killed 20 people.

There are more than 52 million mobile users among 160 million people in Pakistan.

Farah Hussain, a spokeswoman for Warid Telecom, said that their customer service centres had been inundated with panicky subscribers inquiring about the so-called virus.

The cellular operators moved to calm down subscribers and said in a joint statement: "These rumours are completely baseless. They do not make any sense in technological terms."

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Hammering my head , x-raying my brain and feeling the wrath of nonsenselessness



Sajjad said...

Dear Farhan,

Please refrain from spreading panic and unnecessary fear. This is clearly a hoax and there has been no confirmed deaths. They are all spread through word of mouth.

There also isn't anything on Geo's website or any of the other major news services. Something this BIG would have been the top news on CNN and BBC.

Just think about it. How can a tiny speaker from a mobile do more damage than a land-line phone or a loud speaker? Besides, something this deadly would have been in use by the military by now.

Chill out.

Farhan said...

Sajjad thanks for the comment , just posted the update I was busy so was not able to update it earlier

Anonymous said...

Fuck u dude.Would u like to make popular ur blog, then why u r using this fucking absurd topic. U can never fuck a GSM network by ur GSM module, they will not allow to fuck their network, so generating xtra frequency is far beyond imagination. I guess these guy were killed by the bullet of AK-47 & u guys are changed it to xtra frequency. Posted By Telecommunication Eng(South Africa)

Farhan said...

Dear Telecommunication Eng , if you read the full post you will see that I have mentioned that it was a hoax even Engadget posted the details , the purpose of this post is that although Pakistan has a very mobile phone influx approx 30 % of the population has one , the people are so gullible that they will even believe a stupid hoax like this

Anonymous said...

I think it is time to get rid of so many fucks.

Farhan said...

Mr.Anonymous kindly refrain from posting profanities , this blog is about Nokia and their innovative products and how to make the most out of them , for your personal hate comments kindly start your own blog