Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My ultimate phone idea

Dazing into the future I see so many feature filled phones but for me the ultimate phone will be the one which could be embeeded in me , no need to search for contacts , just think of the person you want to call , the nerves send the signal , my brain process it , my retina transforms into a partial screen , my mouth a mic and my ears become internal speakers , my hair acting as anteenas catches the DVB TV , FM radio , WI MAx , GPS , Cellular anteena all the radios in me , I'll be the ultimate communication machine , for notes I can either store them in my brain by the power of thought or draw them in air with my fingure and it will retain the diagram in my inbuilt brain memory , I'll be the ultimate communication / entertainment machine .

Thinking like a cyborg blogging like a human


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