Tuesday, March 27, 2007

And I thought it's the best of the world

This week all my blog roll had been talking about new phones first Steve and Darla Mack got their cool Nokia N95's , I received an email from NOkia MENA about their E90 ( I ma waiting for this ) and when I thought it cannot go any better Darla Mack posted about Nokia N99 , I was not over the shock yet that Ring Nokia wrote about the new OMAP Processor and the upcoming Symbian 9.5 with its cool upgrades ( hold your horses it will be another year before the new symbian + Omap processor launch ) coming back to reality I'm just hit my Slashdot and Sprint of their new Samsung Upstage phone and the Helio Ocean by Helio . So many phones so bigger hopes .

Keeping my hopes up and my blog open


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