Friday, January 25, 2008

The Next Episode

Friends the next episode in my mobile life has begun , I've swtiched my blog to I'm over with E series and has fully switched to N95 8gb , found it better suited to my requirements , this blog will remain open and I will also answer the comments if any . I invite you to my new blog although it will focus on N series but the software are compatible with E series too . I appreciate the interest shown worldwide in my E series blog and hope my N Series blog will also be appreciated



Friday, January 04, 2008

Nokia N95 Firmware version 15 .0.015 dated 11th Dec 2007

yesterday i upgraded my phone to the latest firmware and here are my observations
Flash 3 is now preloaded
GPS seems to work much faster then before

That's all I noticed maybe others will shed more light to it

Nokia N95 and Hajj

As mentioned in my earler post , the only piece of tech I took with me on Hajj was my Nokia N958gb , on my previous trips to Fareast etc. , my tech gear consisted of my N73 , Bluetooth GPS , Canon PowerShot A620 now replaced by Olympus 550uz , and my laptop now it's all have shrunk into one device .
During the trip my phone was my Concierge by telling me what's near me using nokia Maps , where I'm standing and how far my destination is , I preloaded Saudi Arabia maps on Nokia maps application and marked my residence in Azizia / Makkah area and my tent at Mina and only used to show the red dot on Nokia Navigation software to the Taxi Diver for him to take me to my residence . In Madina , it helped me finding the Shopping Malls and also nice eating places , tried using it during Tawaff in Makkah but GPS didn't caught on .

Phone also became my Camera as evident from my Flickr photo Stream and some of the photos could be compared to the mid end cameras i used to carry .

It was also my laptop , used it to check on emails and run my business through gmail application

It also acted as my spiritual guide with Quran , Azkar , Sahih Bukahri and other religious books stored in the memory

It acted as a record keeper , used it to record the Biyanat we were given during Haj

Over all it covered all aspects of my life , of course I had 3 g connection by Mobily / Etisalat ( net usage costed me an arm and leg but the speed was worth it )

Thursday, January 03, 2008

N95 8gb software updated to version 15

Just checked Nokia N958gb software version is updated to Version 15 from Version 11 , I'm in the process of update will inform of changes later


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My tech gear for Hajj

One more day and I'm leaving for Hajj pilgrimage , not taking much tech gear with me as mostly I'll be involved in prayers still I'll be taking my newest acquisition Nokia N95 8gb , a Imation 1gb USB contaning backup of all my papers and credit cards and locked by security code . That's it this time I'm travelling light but on the software side I'm travelling heavy .

My N95 is now loaded with Nokia Maps complete with saudi Arabia maps , Nokia Sports Tracker for others to track my movements , Shozu to upload my photos instantly to Flickr , if I ever take them

things are looking bright

Prayingly Farhan

Thursday, November 22, 2007

N95 8gb bringing Sexy Back

A couple of days ago I bit the golden bullet and bought a N95 8gb my first impressions are as follows

My first thought when I got the box Why ? Am I worthy of this phone , will I be able to utilize it's full potential , will it give me the joy and pleasure I anticipate it will give me will it be able to replace my previous joy the N73 , and then I made up my mind and ripped its coverings off revealing the what's hiding behind the covers

My first view of was like having ice cream for the first time , like having Dove / Galaxy Chocolate melting in the mouth , spoon of hot kheer / rice pudding , I was entranced by its beauty and whipped out my E 70 and took pics of it

Slowly I removed the top transparent cover and held it in hand , the black beauty , shined like a jewel , the curves and beauty was pure piece of art slowly I lifted it and further explored what's inside and almost shreiked with delight , it was the height of ecstacy , a Tv adapter was there I was in Geeky heaven the best of all the worlds

Carefully I inserterd my SIM in the phone , inserted the battery put on the cover and press the power button and 20 sec later it was asking my home town and setting the current date .

Then it turned on , Ohh the blackness the sweet black theme with flowing lines I was drooling over it I pressed it's buttons and it revelled all its secrets to me and there I fainted what no movie , nokia Middle East to America is giving free Spiderman 3 movie and Nokia India is giving Sholey what about Nokia Pakistan no movie in my phone not even Punjabi Son of Jut , well I relaxed . All is worth it , the beauty is in my hand , I own it , it will work on my command , I'm the master of this piece of art and I did with it what I know I'm good at i.e Installed a lot of software . It responded to all my probing , the inclinometer worked , the balls moved in movig ball game , it even showed my house on google maps and coordinates on Nokia Map .

and after two days today nokia gave me twin joy , a firmware upgrade from 10.0.021 to 11.0.026 a whole version up , and updated Sports Tracker software which can show my location in realtime on the net .

not everything is sexy and sleek , I miss the long endurance battery of N73 which could handle my demands , in N95 half a day is what the battery gives if Wifi , bluetooth and GPS are on , hey I'm a power user .

Right now the unit is on software update let's see what the future beholds

Brining the Sexy back


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sold my N73 got me a N95 8gb

Today made a spontaneous decision and got me a N95 8gb , it could be the best investment I've made

My box also includes the optional phone to tv cable :)



Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nokia N95 8 gb

Finally Nokia N95 8 GB is in Pakistan at mere cost of Rs 42130 or USD 700 while N95 plain has fallen to Rs 34000 or USD 555



Welcome to the Trial

Nokia had introduced a new page called TRIAL when Nokia downloads section is accessed for ringtones etc through my N73 , the software here are the usual old stuff with a new application Amazon Anywhere ( no use for me( , the tones are better and on wallpapers there is a new one called nature

As it;s trial I don't know whether ev eryone will get it or not , it does not appear on my E70 or E61