Thursday, November 08, 2007

All the updates my life , my phones and my softwares

Folks I'm almost back it had been a hectic 2 months , in the begining of October my grand father ( mom's father ) passed away , than came eid and later I left for Malaysia where I fell in bath tub and busted by chin and messed up my sholders and neck beside that all is good especially in my cellular world .

First comes the phone updates , my current phones include N73 ME , E70 and E61 other phones I have access to ( co workers give them to me to fix stuff in them ) E50 , E61i , N95 and E65 . All phones are good in their own way but i'm still a fan of my E61 although it's keyboard back lights are busted . I've given up on my dream of E90 ( price again shooted up to Rs 60000 / USD 1000 ) while N95 is almost in my reach at USD 600 but still now N95 8gb is my target or I'll wait for a year and get those touch screen phones .

On the software side there had been a lot of new stuff around

Google Maps Mobile now connects to GPS and gives awsome road pics - if I drive at 20 - 30 kmph the map updates instantly on warid / mobilink's 4 -5 kb/s speed . I've used it in KL and Karachi with similar results

Nokia Maps 1.2 used them in KL and worked flawlessly with street names and distances from my position to airport or shopping areas . Pakistan is not now available for download through Map Manager and is loaded OTA when used in KArachi

Gmail updated now supports offline data retention and offline email writing and above all have IMAP support for direct access from phone

My cell company mobilink has introduced Mobilink Cricket Companion good for knowing scores on the go , It works with all other operators too and could be obtained from

Nokia updates its beta software and now have an audio book reader , device status , Share 3.0 and Mosh softwares when accessed through WAP browser had a lot of S60 goodies collected in one place and the best part is N73 has more stuff then N95 :)

Opera mini has updated itself out of beta but when installed it does not replace opera mini beta . The best part here it that it has a link to GameJump which delivers free ad supported Games as per the device platform

I also got Bluetooth RC from to control my PC through bluetooth the application crashes a lot but it does work .

Coming to other electronics I have sold my Canon Powershot A640 and got a Olympus SP550UZ a 7.1 mp DSLR look alike with a solid 18 x optical and 100 x digital zoom , got a good deal i.e. RM 1350 / Pak Rs 23000 / USD 400 for the camera , tripod and 2 gb XD card sold my Canon for RM 450 or 133 USd on the spot

That's all for now , I'm nowadays busy in getting ready to perform HAjj next month ,will be taking my E61 along cause it does not have any Camera I think Saudi Customs till break the camera lens on camera phones .




Firas Kisskeen said...

assalam alikom brother, it seems to me that you are the person to ask...

I have had an N70 for over a year now, I love it, the only thing that I wish it had is WiFi connectivity, but then thats why there is N73.

now I have been giving it some thoughts, if I am to get a WiFi enabled cellphone wouldnt you think that it, having a keyboard, is essential? thats where E61 and E70 kick in......I thought of these because of their sizes, I hate having to hold a brick to your ear every time you need to make a call if you know what I mean..

so, WiFi, keyboard and average in size (not too big to carry and not too small to surf the internet)..

and in the price ranges of E61, E70 and N73 (under $400), which do you think is the phone to go with?



Farhan said...

Walikum Salam Firas , N73 does no have Wifi but it's a great phone . Coming to E70 and E61 , for USD 400 , I cannot say about Canada prices , In Pakistan I'll go for a Nokia E61i with Wifi , Large Keyboard and screen , Camera , the works , E70 is good but it feels old and has a much smaller screen despite more pixels .

Sarah said...

Hi there! Could you please give some feedback about the major & minor differences between E61 and E61i? Is it worth the upgrade?

I want to buy either an E61 or E61i, but cannot decide which one.

The differences I know are:

Has a better QWERTY keyboard.
Has a Navi-pad instead of a joystick.
2 Megapixel Camera.
Thinner & looks better than E61.
MicroSD instead of MiniSD.

So what other differences are there?
Is the E61i faster than E61?
Is there any difference in browsing speed between E61i and E61?

Any info would be highy appreciated.