Saturday, October 13, 2007

Google updates s 60 Gmail 1,5 and Maps suport GPS

Over the past week Google has made many changes in their mobile profile all for the good of the mobile devices owners the development shows where google is going to tap next

The most important update for a business user was in Google mail for mobile , now instead of loading all the mail and retreiving older items , google saves the viewed mail in phone memory and recalls when required and only downloads newer mail good for those without unlimited data plan

Second major update is in Google Maps now supports GPS be it external or internal this was a major feature missing in google but now it's covered , the zoom level is right down to my house as good as Google earth but unlimited sata plan is required as zooming down to street leevl took over 250 kb . Accracy here is a little out at 9 m but none the less my GPS problems are solved

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