Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Avantgo for Series60v3

Finally Avantgo has realised the power of Symbian and issued Avantgo for Series 60 v3 , it's an awsome software for those who like to keep in touch with the latest happenings be it Cnet or Reuters , BBC Asia or Wall street Journal , they have ( 2 mb + 1 mb free detailed registration info ) for 3 mb limit for content but with loads Free Memory content you are never out of space




tazzix said...

I would rather use Widsets.

Well I did use Avantgo a lot in the old Palm days, but the software on UIQ2 (P910) and S60 (6600) became very resource hungry and no surprise when I tried it on a Nokia E61 connected via WIFI and 1 mbps fibre connection it took a long time synching and finally timed out, I think the PC sync plugin for Palm Desktop and ActiveSync was a better idea. Widsets on the other hand supports more content, many many more devices, and is much more bandwidth friendly. You can give the new kid in town (PLUSMO) a spin but widsets is just the winner only that it does not run on the P910i, developers are blaming J2ME implementation for that.

Tony H said...

I am using Nokia E61i and have installed Avantgo. However, sync ing Avantgo using Wifi is erratic. Can you tell me how to sync Nokia E61i with Avantgo using the connection cable? Thanks. Tony