Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Potter Mania

Just read that J.K. Rawling and her band of bandits has spend around 10 million pounds to secure the her latest HP 7 but guess what from DIgg to IRC the buzz is someone already photographed , yup photographed all the pages and posted them on bit torrent and on top of that after release within 24 hrs the book is convereted into a ebook and released on the net ( Pirate Bay has it ) , Liberty Books Pakistan has yet to release the book ( 2 days 17 hrs 55 min and some sec ) and the price is Rs 1877 with 15 % Pre Order Discount still way to high knowing the fact after 1 month it will be available on a mobile book shop thela at Bahadurabad for Rs 200 . What about me will I buy the book or will I download it , well somethings are better left unsaid :)


1 comment:

mAn[S]o0r said...

dude, the latest on the book is that only the author will be making any money off it, as the major brands (wallmart, amazon and the like) are all offering huge discounts and sellin the book at around 8 pounds where it should be costing around 17..

i'd rather wait for the movie though ;)