Thursday, July 05, 2007

Nokia E90 now in Pakistan

Nokia E90 is now available at for Rs 76,000 only ( USd 1228 ) only . It seems like the starter's price like the one I saw for N95 for Rs 75000 which fell to Rs 42/45000 in 2 months . In Malaysia the price is MR 3888 or PKR 68000 in India its around INr 43000 or 64000 PKR .

Rs.60,000 seems a little above logical price but the phone will be most favorable at around 35000 - 40000 range . I'll wait for the prices to settle then make my purchase




Ali said...

Rs 76000 for e90 is a ridicilous price. It will surely come down. The company is taking advantage of it being a new phone.

...Komal... said...

yeah alee !!!
u r so ryt !!!
brngin up new productx shoud not run our pocketz down !!!

ny wayx diz iz a gr8 cell !!!
u know coz i ve it !!!

itx totally awsm !!!


Angelica said...

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