Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mobilink Stream aka Mobilink TV

Just googled mobistream mobilink and guess what I found mobilink has a web portal for audio and video with streaming Video and Audio on the go all for Free ( it seems like ) on GPRS ( no EDGE Eat this Telenor )
The Channels include

Video : GEO TV , GEO News , AAG TV and GEO SPorts + Archived videos

Audio : FM 89 , FM 91 , FM 100 and FM 105 with archived links

Connection settings for Series 60 V 3 ( E Series and N73 , N95 etc etc ) are

Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection > Access Points > Options > New access point (Use default settings) >
Connection Name: MobiStream
Data bearer: Packet Data
Access point name: mobistream
User Name: none
Prompt Password: no
Password: -
Authentication: Normal
Homepage: none
> Back > Back …and exit
Setting up RealPlayer for streaming
Menu > Media > RealPlayer > Options > Settings > Connection (or streaming in some handsets) > Network > Default access point > (select MobiStream) > back … exit

Logon to on your phone browser ( press 0 for a couple of seconds )

The links are working , Real player has loaded instantly , and I can see GEo NEws

, pic quality is not good as compared to TV but still its watchable sound quality is better with head phones .

Watching GEO TV on the GO



Anonymous said...

this aint workin buddy when i conects it through my gprs connection it says define default access point
will u help me plz im using warid connection with unlimited gprs plan

Farhan said...

Buddy it says mobilink tv i.e only for mobilink users will not work on Warid