Saturday, June 09, 2007

now Multinet bites the dust Update : They rise again

I've alwasy been a heavy net user and with DSL my need for speed was somewhat being met . my first DSL exprience in Pakistan was with SAtcomm which started their service with a whopping 100 - 150 KB/S , 600mb downloads in 4 hrs but later in months they went down to 5 kb/s and despite me having a 256kbps connection the service never improved , I opted for Worldcall but their service never got started even after their people installed the line at my place and recently they sent me a non payment notice ( 2 yrs after they have installed and didn;t activated the service ) , my final try was with Multinet who i paid a hefty sum of Rs 10,000 for installation and paying Rs 2000 / mth for 256kbps service , for past 12 months I had been getting a good service at 28kb/s but since last month they have degraded their service to 16kb/s no matter the time of day or night the speed remains the same . I called them to launch the compalin and was told to be ' Thankful to them as they had been giving me a better service for free for all these monthsand I should be getting a 25.6 kbps (mine is CIR on 10 ) ' what a customer service , I take all my recommendation back which I was giving to people to install Multinet they are also a ripoff service like all others if they started downgrading their service to 10 ratio CIr I'll be getting around 3.2kb/s at this rate I'm better with my GPRS at 4 - 6 Kb/s at Rs 500 per month

UPDATE : They sorted out the problem and now my speed is back to normal ( 30 Kb/s )

Slowingly ( now speedingly )



d0ct0r said...

try another jump to maxcom?

Faisal said...

i 2nd that. I was using it when in KHI. Good value for money. get 256 / 1 G limit for 1500 and u will be satisfied!