Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm i China

Yes here I am in New Pudong Area Shanghai - everything is Chinese even my computer is showing the blogger in Chinese , the best part my hotel offer free internet so I can blog from here for a couple of days

My flight to Shanghai went well , took Emirates , from Karachi Dubai it was like I'm in a local bus , the guy next to me was constantly spitting even the flight attnadent refused to bring me cold coke . At Dubai airport , I got acceess to net through Business Class Lounge ( Silver Card Status ) but the speed was very slow but coffee was good . at 3 am my flight left for Shanghai , the trip was comfortable , I was sitting next to an Afghan from Jeddah who have previously living at Sohrab Goth , he was a nice guy , gave me his Window seat , I watched movies the whole way , cannot sleep on planes , first I saw Shooter ( MArk Wahlberg ) followed by Wild Hogs ( I snoozed thorugh some part of it ) later DON Remake finally arrived at Shanghai ,

The immigration went smooth , took 2 min at the desk , the line took 30 min , I was out and took a bus to Pudong which dropped me in the city center from here I took the taxi to my hotel .

Taxi drivers are same everywhere , fast , felt like I'm in Pakistan , last night I went to Raijain Hotel , its like a collection of restaurants serving all kind of foods , I opted for Indian . It was a little heacvy of the pocket with total bill coming out for 300 Yuan for 2 people .

The trip to Raijain ( spelling correction needed ) showed me two parts of Shanghai the new modern westernized at Pudong and the old across the river , the scenery changed once we crossed the tunnel , from skyscrapers touching the clouds to humble dewellings with people sitting out and having fun , It was different world .

Also went to Orient Pearl TV tower , will post the pics at my flickr account .

Today went for business in the New Pudong area , it reminded of Plymoth Michigan small apartmets , with industrial parks in front , It was beautiful

My two days have went well , all is good here , even my hotel rocks . Just came back from outside and found McDonalds , Starbucks , Coffee Bean , even Illy and CArrfour

Have to leave for another appointment in 20 min , gotta get reay signing out


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