Friday, June 08, 2007

China 2 Go Cantones

Ne hai
some nice people at has posted China2go Cantonese on the site for free downlaod and I have installed it for my upcoming China Trip , the application has phrases for evryday use in English along with their Chinese in voice form so all I have to do is get the right phrase to the Taxi driver and press voice and I'm all set

Speaking Cantonese



peace&love said...

Hi, Farhan.
I'm from China. I have kept on reading your blog for a long time. If you go to Xi'an in China. Please send me an email.. I will help you there.

My email: (replace # with @ please)

Farhan said...

Thank you my friend , I'll be visitng Datong in Shanxi province . Kindly inform do I have to get another SIM Card when I change the city i.e move from Shanghai to Beijing to Datong to Harbin to Guangdong to jinan ( not in order ) my another Chinese friend told me it's going to be cheaper due to roaming charges .

Btw like your blog ( converted into English translation my Chinese is still very rusty :)

Take Care