Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bravo to Multinet for excellent customer Service - I take my complains back

In continuation to my ongoing problem last night I again called Multinet Customer Support ( they always pick the phone after 2nd or 3rd ring ) at 10 pm and again explained my problem ( speed fell from 28 kb/s to 16 kb/s ) and later in the night I emailed them my complain . The kudos goes to their team that they replied to my email later in the night at around 11 :30 pm , I again send them an email ( through my E70 , I was out for dinner ) and by 12:30 there was another email that they are trying to contact me , so I called them at 1 am ( again phone was pickedup after 2nd ring )and I was immediately connected to a supervisor , who listened to my complain patiently and requested to me to wait till morning while they sort things out . In the morning at 10:30 am I again called them as the speed didn't imporoved and this time I was told that they will send someone on Monday to check my line but they called after me after 5 min and with 30 min of Modem sync , unsync , silliness at my part ( I left the RJ 45 wire unplugged and told them the modem is not working ) finally after 30 min my speed went back to normal and this time they also added 2 extra Kb/s now my speed has shooted up to 30 Kb/s constant , Bravo Multinet for an excellent and professional cutomer support , ALL MY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR MULTINET ARE NOW ACTIVE

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d0ct0r said...

its nice to see companies taking interest in customer support