Friday, May 04, 2007

Telenor mobile TV viewing costs

Many people have asked me about costs invloved in watching mobile Tv , now I'm not a Telenor user neither I will pay for mobile TV . however I did a little research and came around some reviews of ROK Tv principal provider for Telenor Mobile Tv

@ All About Symbian the reviewer says that " In my tests, I watched ROK TV channels for around 40 minutes in all, over the course of an afternoon. This equated to somewhere around 8MB of GPRS data " Now for Telenor 8mb download @ Rs 15 per mb costs Rs 120 + Rs 30 Taxes = Rs 150 for 40 min so all in all it costs Rs 3.75 per min or Rs 225 per hour . on an average if the user watches an hour of TV every day it will cost Rs 6750 for a month plus Rs 400 monthly charge = Rs 7150 or USD 120 per month

Now who is willing to use it , If Telenor brings out unlimited data plan for Rs 500/-i.e. Rs 625 inclusive + Rs 400 subscription = Rs 1125 / USD 18.75 I'm all for it .

Cost Accountingly


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