Friday, May 11, 2007

Let your Creativity Fly - Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu has just launched Ubuntu Studio a mere 800 plus mb download for multimedia creation flavor of Ubuntu . aimed at the GNU/Linux audio, video and graphic enthusiast as well as professional plus a suite of the best open-source applications available for multimedia creation and Completely free to use, modify and redistribute . The limitation is only your imagination

For Audio
It assemble suites of applications including the best open-source applications available like Ardour 2 - A multitrack recorder/editor geared toward people familiar with Pro-Tools.

For Video

PiTiVi, Kino, Cinepaint are included for video creation

For Grpahics

Graphic design and modeling applications including The GIMP, Inkscape and Blender. Along with plugins like dcraw to help with RAW camera files and wacom-tools for people with Wacom drawing tablets.

Have to see how it stands up against Photoshop CS 3 , however my designer colelgue says people here are not even making full use of Photoshop 5 forget about using features in CS 3

Now coming to my contribution - I have it on download and inshallah will have it by tonight so anyone in Karachi interested can contact me I'll make 10 DVD copies for distribution .

Details will soon follow

Let the creativity fly...



Abbas said...

hmm, i'm getting a forbidden error for the page now. did you manage to download it?

Farhan said...

The site is down , even the download is not working maybe network traffic . My DSL is down since last night so won;t be able to download after a long time I'm using a dialup connection :(