Saturday, April 28, 2007

Nokia N 95 in Pakistan

Finally Nokia has given their ad for N95 , it also appreared last week in a Urdu Daily but this time they covered it in DAwn Newspaper hence I was able to get a good quality image from their online newspaper


Tee Emm said...

If you noticed closely, they've even targetted the upcoming iPhone by Apple by saying in the ad's text 'It's an Eye. It's a phone'.

Rs 50,000 out to have all this and more. :)

Can't wait to see how much would a chinese replica of the same cost.

Farhan said...

Good observation but I am not impressed by this phone , don;t want a 5 mp camera , my 7.1 Powershot can do way better . My e70 combined with my BT GPs is much more affordable . The chinese replica MB 1500 is out complete with touch screen :) and appears to run Wm 6

check it out

asim said...

It is the best phone I have purchased so for after using imate all models nokia models like N73.....

Farhan you won't be carring Camera everytime without and this phone captures impresive images. Also you don't need to carry GPS withyou.

I often use it with WLAN as GPRS is sometimes pretty slow. I have Window Mobile. No Call Recording, Camera and Video Recording pathetic. Touch screens can not be used while you are on the move. Try it while you are in car. Sports Tracker is the first software to intall on this beauty.