Thursday, April 26, 2007

A night to remember

the past ten days had been very hectic no I was not at Spain for Series60 Summit , I was stuck at work , we planned an all night for 1000 people at a resort in Karachi got 240 tents erected with all night fun including dinenr from 10:30 pm to 2 am , snaks from 2 am yto 6 am and breakfast from 8:30 am to 10:30 am other activities include musical fountain , Sea Maker pool , water slides , bowling ( i was bowling at 6 am when many guests were sleeping ) trampulin , Rodeo Bull , play area for kids , movie arena , pedal boating I was up all night taking care of my guests and enjoying myself along with my family . My E70 also proved a worthy companion , as the place was on over 500 acres and a 18 hole golf course , the phone along with unlimited call plan helped me in getting through the night , managing my teams through Agile Messenger chat and ofcourse all checking my emails and finally when I was tierd some music to get by using my JVC head phones and my nokia Audio Adapter .



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