Sunday, April 29, 2007

Jammers in Alamgir Mosque

Yup Alamgir Masjid has gone hitech with Cell Phone Jammers no more signs outside requesting to turn off the phones no Imam Sahib ( Prayer Leader ) asking to put the phone on silent mode just enter the premises and all signals are gone and no more annoying ringtones during prayers . Way to go Alamgir




Tee Emm said...

PTA actively scans and detects jammers and you'd soon have people asking you about the NOC to operate a jammer.

While PTA allows the same in the banks and other places, I am witness to a mosque being asked to remove the same by the authorities.

Farhan said...

For me it's not the matter of jammer being allowed or not , its the matter of security , what if someone had an emergency while at masjid , what if something happens in the mosque . a simple remider to turn off the phone before jamat was enough to remind people to do it

d0ct0r said...

our masjid also uses jammer plus i have seen jammers in many other mosques including Baitul Mukaram masjir Gulshan etc.

Anonymous said...

BaitulMukaram Masjid has jammers? Since when??

Saad Masood said...

have you ever seen it?
Jammers in pakistan!
i cant believe...

Booby body to write so.