Sunday, April 01, 2007

Getting a new connection in Pakistan is as easy as 123

Today my mother wanted a cell phone and connection for the maid so she bought my sis's 2 year old but in immaculate condition Sony Ericsson K700i for USd 50 and asked me to get the maid a connection so I went to Bahadurabad to my movie vendor and asked him for a connection and he put out a box in front of me of Warid and Telenor Sims to find the number I like . After choosing the number I gave him Rs 300 ( USd 5 ) for the Warid sim which includes Rs 150 ( USd 2.5 ) balance , Telenor's SIM was Rs 250 with Rs 150 balance . It was that simple no id no wait get a new number and new connection anytime you want unlike other countries where you have to wait for days or months to get a new connection . Competition between different companies is making it wasy for the masses to communicate

I remeber reading at Darla Mack's blog how she has to go to T-mobile or Sprint to get a new connection , here in Pakistan connections are being sold all over the streets even by the street vendors


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It is called PRE-PAID account. Almost every operator across the Europe have this option.
Here in Latvia we have several options from each of operators.
We even have virtual operators, who uses other operator's network and issues only pre-paid cards.
Usually it's more expensive than to take a contract.