Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nokia Sports Tracker

Finally Nokia has introduced a program which will make my GPS purchase useful , the Nokia Sports Tracker available at

The software is awsome , it has profiles for walking , cycling , Running and Skiing activity layouts builtin with two more user defined activities . What this software does it that through the GPS unit it calculates where I have started my exercise routine be it walking or cycling , how fast I've been with current speed , average speed , distance covered and Lap options , my altitude changes , lattitude and longitude , course being travlled and graphs with respect to Speed Vs Time i.e. peaks and falls in my speed as time passes , Speed Vs Distance , my speed rise and falls as per distance travelled and Distance Vs Altitude i.e. my alttitude at different segments of my travel . I also has a mapping option which shows how am I travelling , no actual city maps are there directions can be determined and the best feature of all all the data can be exported to a kml file which can be mapped on Google Earth and show my fastest point , highest altitude and different laps with speed . Overall an excellent application . I used this program in travelling across the city in my car and it worked flawlessly even showed my whole 25 km trip on google earth

Keeping my hopes up for another upcoming application


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