Monday, March 05, 2007

Nokia 5500 a ‘rugged phone’ which cannot handle two months of normal use

Yup the phone which is meant to work even when thrown in dirt even water cannot handle two months of usage and its keypad has peeled off , I tried asking the nokia dealer and they refused to fix it , I called Nokia and they said its not their problem now where should I go anyway there is no publicity as bad publicity so Nokia if you can’t fix my phone atleast others can see what a lousy product this 5500 is ooh and again I am satisfied with my E70 although now its loosing its chrome finish from the stick

For eye candy of 5500 with peeled keyboard

For Dan : The site is correct , I just tried it


Dan said...

Link to the photo says page not found?

Is it possible for you to put up another link? I would like to take a good look at it. :)

mc said...

I had my E70-2 for four days before I had to send it back to Nokia. They've had it for three weeks now, and its status is still 'awaiting parts'. For a manufacturer that considers themselves major, their presence in the US is pathetic. As a buyer of a non-subsidized premium Nokia phone, I was kind of expecting an advance replacement of the handset. My view of Nokia, particularly with respect to customer service, has gone way down.

julien said...

Have the same problem with my 5500 after a month or so of 'normal' usage. Chrome on the navigation button started to come off as well. Send it back to my dealer for repair, replaced the front an now after a couple of months it comes off again! Looks like a construction error to me.