Monday, March 05, 2007

Dream came true

Finally I manages to save enough for a LCD TV and also got it at a good price , a couple of months ago I bought myself a Sony 29inch Wega but was not satisfied with it and a week ago I saw an add for Samsung 32 Inch LCD for only Rs 79000/- ( USD 1300) since than I was working on selling my Wega and finally sold it for $ 50 less than what I paid for it ( USD 700 ) and got me the LCD TV , the model is 1 yr old but still on sale in Middle East and Australia 1:5000 Contrast Ratio , Amazing pic quality and VGa input for my laptop , now only if I can connect my Ubuntu laptop with it

now my next dream setup a biotech plant in Pakistan and drive there in my Hummer

Keeping my fingers crossed and my blog open


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