Sunday, March 25, 2007

Backup your contacts

If you live in a metropoliton city like Karachi there is always a chance that your phone may get lost , snatched or stolen , the most valuable part in my phone is not the phone itself but the 1200 + contacts I carry in it from business to personal it has it all , I usually carry a backup on my laptop but what if I loose both at the same time so here comes Shozu ( ) shozu will not only back up your photos i.e. put them on the blog but will also back up your contacts , the speed is fast my 1200 + contacts took around 30 min to upload , so give it a try , the plus with Shozu it will also add GPS coordinates to your pics if conencted to a bluetooth GPS

keeping my contacts secure and my blog open


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Khaulah said...


If you are looking for something to backup your contacts, why don't you try Not only are the contacts saved but also calendar and messages and it works seamlessly with wide range of mobile phone.