Thursday, March 29, 2007

Analytics of My Blog

A week ago when I was redressing my blog , like the new side bar stuff etc , I also registered with Google Analytics to see my website profile i.e. who is refering to me , who is visiting me from which country even which city etc and now after 1000 plus visits since 20th March here are the results for the past 4 days

Top Countries fromw here I had visitors out of 64 countries and 496 visits

United States 55 Visits
United Kingdom 52 visits
France 33 visits
Pakistan 27 visits
Germany 25 visits
India 25 visits
Finland 23 visits
Singapore 18 visits
Italy 17 visits
Netherlands 14 visits

The top cities had been Singapore and Karachi and Helisinki

I even got visitors from Opera Software ASA , ARCOR AG , Lawton & Yeo Design Associates Pte Ltd , NEC BIGLOBE Ltd. , Megalan Ltd. , RCN Corporation , Leica AG , Ernst & Young , CAPSULE TECHNOLOGIE , TOYOTA OF RICHARD , HILTON HOTEL CORPORATION .

So many top coorporations are here , I wish someone from Nokia also reads it

413 new visitors and 83 returning

and coming top refers , Thank you all for being here for me , , , ,

Keeping the world entertained and my blog open


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