Friday, November 10, 2006

Weekly Roundup

I'm back with my weekly roundup , was not able to post anythings due to slow network connection , have to circumvent everytime through Topark and I also found a new addiction , Need For Speed Carbon edition which I got from my CD vendor for only $0.99 only ( he also changed the DVD for me twice beacuse of scratches ) awsome game now I am waiting for its mobile phone version to come out .

Coming to our beloved E series , as I infomred before I sold my E61 to my co-worker , he is having some problems now with it , firstly it vibtrates all by itself , a couple of other posts have talked about the same problem , I have adviced him to send it to the Nokia dealer for repairs secondly its keyboard lights are not turning on , kindly infomr a workaround as he is having trouble with working on the phone at night . Currently the phone has gone with him to Malaysia on a 6 day tour of Penang , Langkawi and Kulala Lumpur ( our office send us on 5 - 15 days vacation abroad as part of corporate policy and Malaysia is nowadays a hot destination ) , will inform of his experience once he reutrns . Meanwhile my E70 also experienced some problems , it was always asking for data network connection , I had to hard reset it to work , now the application installed on it are as follows

Mechanic Theme which i got from
Y Explorer to clean out cache
Nokia Wireless Manager ( although meant for N80 but works like a charm on E series )
Mobi Reader to read my 500 plus ebook collection
Nokia Podcassting
Pico Blogger to blog from my phone when my telekom dept will lift ban on Blogspot
Aqua Calender
Divx Player
MSN Messenger from MSN china still will also apply for MSN Beta edition once its here , you can get the beta once active from
Total Recall phone call recorder
Alarm to wake me up
Adobe PDF
Park Cast Suite
World Mate
Mg Maps ( with KMZ marking my house )
Screen Shot
Google Maps
Golf Pro 2
opera Mini
Resco Viewer
SMS Diary
Phone Point to wireless control over my powerpoint [presentation
Oxford Medical Dictionery
Oxford Mini Exnglish Dictonery
Blue Radar
Nokia 8800 Surico Edition ringtones
Best Messages Store
Brain Juice
Bubble Bobble ( classic )
Yahoo / MSN search

On the other hand websites to visit on your E seris are ( will not work on PC ) it will convert youtube videos to 3gp for Nokia for Time magazine in mobile edition

Have to leave now , time for my Friday prayers will come back soon , tomorrow is my half day at my work will post a lot from home .

Meanwhile I will try to cmplete my Need for Speed
Take Care


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Anonymous said...


Your problem with the constant network onnections is caused by Pico Blogger. I removed it for the ver same reason.