Friday, November 17, 2006

SMS Zipper and Traffic Info for US

Again from Tech.Blog ( aka Think Abdul )
I quote


SMSZipper- Freeware to Compress and Send SMS text messages

smsZipper is a free J2ME MIDP 2.0 software to compress SMS text messages on your Java capable mobile device. This application enables you to compress SMS text messages (i.e. the number of characters of the SMS) on your mobile device by 25-50% depending on the content. To take advantage of this software, the recipient too needs to have smsZipper installed.

Download Here "

Someday the nice guy at Tech. Blog is gonna kick my ass for copying from him

well before he feels bad here's another of his post Mobile offers WAP based traffic information/content for mobile devices

Via MobileTracker, has launched a WAP content site for mobile devices containing live traffic information for 50 metropolitan areas in United States. The free mobile optimized website is accessible at Registered members of the main can view personalized reports on the mobile site (after logging in).’s WAP site is specifically designed to display traffic content for easy navigation on mobile phones and devices. It features accurate, up-to-the-minute traffic information including travel times, vehicle speeds, delay times, and accident reports.

Now only if it was available when I was in USA , drive from Canton ( my home ) to Dear born ( My University ) would have been easier

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