Saturday, November 18, 2006

Reply to comments and a foolish thing I am gonna do

Huh Avatar just told me that N97 is a hoax well there goes my true love for this phone and again my eye settles for N95

For Laurent , the city is beautiful again every one takes his city as something but Karachi well there is no place like that and this coming from the guy who has spent some time living in Detroit and have visited half the world

no coming to my foolishness

Today I placed an order for a Dell 1705 , a 17inch behemoth with Core2 Duo 1.8ghz processor , 120gb SATA , 1 GB Dual Channel RAm , DVD CDRW ( I will replace it later with my DVDRW of ,my Inspiron 6000 ) with all the goodies , the final price is around Rs 82000 or USD 1350 , is it a good decision or bad , please comment

Keeping my fingers crossed and my blog open



Amjad said...
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Amjad said...

It is important to get a good graphic adapter with this system. I hope you did not settle for the intel integrated one. Any ways, it still a good bargain

Faisal said...

Farhan, are you sure you wana buy a 17 incher, that too dell?

Man, I am not sure which series you are talking abt, but if it is just an enlargment of your inspiron 6000 then it is a mistake. I have an inspiron 9300 *17 incher* and trust me its ugly. And unless you are just looking for a desktop replacement, and will not be moving a lot with it, I would suggest you to go for 15.4". Configuration looks good, and I think it will be with a 256 MB gaming card.

Problems with 17 inchers:
Difficult to carry around
Difficult to find they carry bags as most of the carry bags are made for 15.4 inchers
Even if you find a carry bag, they look awfully ugly, like a camping bag :D

I saw some great hp machines for 999 yesterday. Great config. Dell doesnt have an authorised dealer in Karachi do they?? Anyways, I would tell u to stay away from 17 inchers.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

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